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QI Macros Excel Add-in Makes SPC Charts Fast & Easy

Look like an expert! Effortlessly create complex charts and diagrams in Excel.

A Flexible Tool For Statistical Analysis & Six Sigma

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  • Fill-In-The-Blank Templates

    Analyze data with fishbone diagrams, Gage R&R studies, DOE analysis and more.

  • Data Mining Tools

    Turn raw data into charts and find hidden opportunities for process improvement.

  • Statistical Analysis & Hypothesis Testing

    Gain new insight with ANOVA, t tests, f tests, regression analysis and normality tests.

All SPC & Data Analysis Features

What Do Our Customers Say?

  • "QI Macros is long on Six Sigma capabilities... ...many Green Belts and some Black Belts will be able to do everything they need with QI Macros… The familiar Excel interface reduces the learning curve..."

    – Heidi Wiesenfelder
    Bright Hub
  • When looking for a statistical software package to recommend to my clients and to use in my Six Sigma Green, Black and Master Black classes we found QI Macros for Excel to be the best overall value.

    – H. James Harrington
    International Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur
    CEO, Harrington Institute
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