Upgrade to QI Macros 2023

A Lot Can Happen in a Year or Two or Three...

At least once a week, we get a call from a customer who says they just bought QI Macros a year or two ago. However, when we find them in our system, they are surprised to learn its been three, four or even five years.

If your QI Macros is a couple years old, wow, have you been missing out!

QI Macros are regularly enhanced based on customer feedback and industry updates.

Enhancements include:

  • New Charts, Templates and Tools
  • New Features to Save You Time
  • Updates to be consistent with industry standards like the AIAG, Joint Commission on Healthcare, IHI etc.
  • Updates to remain compatible with the latest Microsoft Windows and Excel updates

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why upgrade QI Macros

QI Macros 2016 to 2022 Users - Good News!

You are eligible to upgrade to QI Macros 2023 for $159 USD.

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QI Macros 2023 is Compatible with:

  • Excel 2013-2021/Office 365 (PC) | 2019-2021/Office 365 (Mac)
  • Windows 7, 8, and 10, and OS X and macOS
  • Office 365 for PC and Mac with desktop version of Excel

Find out which operating systems and versions of Excel your QI Macros license is compatible with.

Not sure which licensed version you have?

QI Macros menu will tell you the year and if you click on About QI Macros you can find out the month and year:

1. Click on QI Macros menu and then on About the QI Macros:

QI Macros Version on Menu

2. A window will open which indicates the Year and Month you purchased in YYYY.MM format:

About QI Macros Window

QI Macros Enhancements - What Are You Missing?

QI Macros Version #

Description of Enhancements






  • The QI Macros Control Chart Wizard now provides end users with a Control Chart Template in their wizard output.

    This is intended to provide the option to use a template, should end users have ongoing projects and wish to continually add data to their Control Charts.





Remember and Apply Custom Chart Format added
Weighted Pareto Chart Template added
Quadrant Bubble Template and Quadrant Bubble Macro added
Quadrant Scatter Template and Quadrant Scatter Macro added
Filter/Unfilter Chart functionality added
Added Multipliers to p Charts and u Charts - changes rate levels of y-axis values
Updated centerlines to dashes, when the Fix Control Limits function is used
Reset Skyline Limits functionality added







FMEA 5th Edition Template added (AIAG & VDA FMEA 1st Edition)
"Analysis Summary Worksheet" and Histogram output added to the Data Mining Wizard
Find QI Macros Tools functionality added
Process Change Wizard added
Histogram Dashboard added to XmR and XbarR Dashboard


2019.06 - 2019.09

  • Paynter Chart Template added
  • Enhancements to the XbarR and XbarS subgroup recognition; accepts varying sample sizes
  • Run Chart may be quickly converted to an XmR chart for comparison
  • Effect divisor added to DOE L8 and L16 Taguchi templates

2019.04 - 2019.05


  • Switchable Scatter Plot allows you to swap X and Y values
  • Out-of-control points now highlighted on the data sheet - not just on the chart
  • Updated MSA 4th Gage R&R Template output
  • XmR Dashboard now includes a "Refresh Charts w/ Control Chart Rules" macro button



Automated Value Stream Map
Functional and visual revamp of all templates
Control Chart Template Wizard
Searchable "QI Macros Tools" function


  • New QI Macros menu icons for ease of access
  • Find QI Macros Tools added to help menu
  • Ability to switch between QI Macros Full Menu or a reduced Wizard Menu (October 2018-February 2019 releases only)
  • Control Chart Template Wizard will select the appropriate fill-in-the-blank template for your data set
  • POLCA Diagram




  • Improved visual performance of control chart templates



Data Mining Wizard 2.0 (Feb 2017)
Increased robustness with multiple paretos and fishbone diagrams

Fix Control Limits added to Control Charts
Streamlined installation and chart creation
Embedded tutorial for new users


  • Improved visibility and accessibility to QI Macros chart menu functions


  • Streamlined installation process




  • Eliminated chart title prompting to increase speed of chart creation
  • QI Macros Chart Menu: Change Titles option added to simplify editing chart and axis titles
  • QI Macros Chart Menu: Options added for quickly moving charts to a new Excel sheet, or for copying them to a PowerPoint or Word document


  • Data Mining Wizard 2.0 will create entire improvement projects from PivotTable-like data.
  • Interactive QI Macros tutorial added to the help menu


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$159 USD

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