Free Resources to Help Eliminate the Delays, Defects and Deviation Devouring Your Company’s Productivity and Profits

Learn a practical, streamlined approach to Lean Six Sigma that uses a handful of methods and tools to solve virtually all problems. You'll also need to know how to chart and analyze data. That's why we created QI Macros for Excel.

Take advantage of these free resources to increase your QI Macros, Excel and Lean Six Sigma IQ.

Free QI Macros Training Resources

Whether you are just getting started or want to learn about some of QI Macros advanced features, check out these free videos, articles, user guides and more. Don't miss QI Macros monthly newsletter which provides tips on practical ways to use our most popular tools.

on-line user guide
QI Macros Knowledge Base

An on-line user guide to help you take advantage of all of the charts, tools and features in QI Macros. Find a complete list of items with links to more detail.

excel training resources
Free Excel Resources

Free videos and articles to increase your Excel skills. Special focus is placed on organizing data for analysis and charting. You'll also find detailed articles on Excels most valuable functions. charts quickly and easily when you download and install QI Macros 30-day trial for PC and Mac users! You get six special bonuses!

qi macros newsletter
QI Macros Monthly Newsletter

Each month we send out a newsletter that provides helpful tips and tricks on using QI Macros features. We also keep you current on happenings in the worlds of Microsoft, Excel, Statistics and Quality Improvement.

Lean Six Sigma Articles
Free Lean Six Sigma Resources

We've boiled down the overly complex world of Lean Six Sigma into the vital few methods and tools you need to start delivering real results, fast. Watch free video tutorials, read free articles or download free whitepapers and cheat sheets.

improvement insights
Weekly Improvement Insight Videos by Jay Arthur

Each week Jay records a two to three minute video giving his insights into a variety of topics related to Lean Six Sigma and process improvement. View his latest insights or sign up for future videos below.

Reach Jay directly at 888-468-1537 or 303-756-9144 or at
to find out how we can help you shortcut to Lean Six Sigma results!