SPC Software Comparison

In the Market for SPC Software? Here are Some Things to Consider:

  1. Do you want a separate, stand-alone SPC software application or something that works right in Microsoft Excel?
  2. What is the statistical expertise of your users and how much time do you have to train them?
  3. Do your users have other job responsibilities besides creating charts and other improvement documentation?
  4. How much money do you have in your budget?
  5. How picky is your audience about how your charts look?

I trialed eight different spc software and spc for excel addins within the same price range and nothing even comes remotely close to the QI Macros. There was no comparison.

– John Janik, Ulbricht

Learn More about Comparing SPC Software:

Stand Alone Application or Microsoft Excel Add-in?

This factor is the single biggest decision to make as it influences all other factors.


Stand-Alone Software Application

Microsoft Excel Add-in

Chartrunner Lean® / SQC Pack®, Minitab®, JMP®
QI Macros®, Sigma XL®, SPC XL
Installation Installed as a separate application on a PC or on a network with login requirements Adds a new tab on Excel's Menu Bar

Perpetual (one time purchase) or subscription based (monthly or annual fee).

Single user or concurrent users (only x number of users can use the software at any one time.)

Usually a perpetual single user license.


Higher because the application was built from scratch.

Minitab® Full License: $2,499 for single-user license or Minitab® Annual License: $1,200 for single-user license.

Annual subscription fees are around $650 per year.

Chartrunner Lean® / SQC Pack®: $1,290 for a single user license.

Lower because add-ins use the power and functionality already available in Excel.

Around $299 for a single user perpetual license.

QI Macros price is $349 USD per license.

Even if you already own a more expensive standalone package, a tool like QI Macros can make life easy when dealing with Excel data.

Ease of Use

More difficult as users need to learn a separate application.

Easier as most users are already familiar with Excel.

Data Input Data must be imported into the application from Excel or another system. Most of your data is already in Excel. If not, most systems already contain functionality to export data into Excel.
Charts and Other Output

May or may not be able to be customized and / or shared with unlicensed users.

Excel charts are easily customized, easily copied to Word and Powerpoint and easily shared with unlicensed users.
Typical User Statistician or someone whose job is primarily dedicated to statistical or data analysis. Business person who needs to analyze data and create charts in service to their primary job functions.

I love having the QI Macros on my PC. It is sooo easy to use with Excel. I enjoy not having to use a separate program just to chart QC projects. And the options…oh my! Thank you so much for making my life easier, AND at a very reasonable price!!!

- Shilo Caulfield

How does QI Macros Compare to Other SPC Add-ins for Excel?

Compare on Price, Ease of Use, Quality of Chart Ouput and Features.


Other SPC Add-ins for Excel

QI Macros


SigmaXL - $299 per license + $35 S&H

SPC XL - $249 per license + S&H fees dependent on company's pricing.
DOE, FMEA, QFD Templates require purchase of additional softare packages.

SPC for Excel - $229 per license + $20 S&H

$349 USD per license + $20 S&H

Quantity discount structure is steeper than other add-ins. For example, price is $249 per license when you order two licenses.

Ease of Use
User Interface

Mimics Minitab which was built to teach college students statistics. Difficult to use. Built from scratch with business users in mind.
Order of Steps

1. Determine the chart you want.

2. Point to your data range in Excel.

3. Define various criteria.

4. Run the chart.

1. Select your data.

2. Select the chart you want or let one of the QI Macros wizards select the right chart for you.

3. Run the chart.

See Step-by-Step SPC Add-in Ease of Use Comparison to Understand Why QI Macros is so much easier to use.
Mistake Proofing   Built in code mistake proofs data formating and selection issues (ie numbers formatted as text). Because you select your data first, the QI Macros code performs some data cleanup for you.
Quality of Chart Output - See comparison of spc chart output by SPC software package

Highlights of Some of the Exclusive Features Only Available in QI Macros

QI Macros Wizards are not just fancy decision trees, they are actually chart selection and data analysis rules built right into the code. Since QI Macros is the only SPC Software application that has you select your data BEFORE you select your chart, it is the only software that can automate these decisions for you.

  • Control Chart and Chart Wizards that analyze your data and select the right chart for you
  • Statistical Wizard that selects the right statistical tests for you
  • PivotTable and Word Count wizards that create PivotTables to summarize your data
  • Improvement Project Wizard that combines the power of the PivotTable and Control Chart Wizards into one.

Automated Fishbone Diagram - easy Fill-in-the-blank format for inputting root causes with a one-click button to create the fishbone diagram.

Control Chart Dashboards - saves time by enabling you to easily update multiple control charts each week or month.

Compare QI Macros With These SPC Software Packages

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