Types of Gage R&R Studies in QI Macros

Measurement System Analysis - MSA Studies

The goal of Gage R&R (repeatability and reproducibility) studies is to minimize the amount of variation and error introduced by measurement, so that you can focus on part variation.

QI Macros Add-in Contains Easy to Use Gage R&R Templates for:

average range anova method

Gage R&R Study (Long Form)

Average and Range Method
and ANOVA Method


Calculate the "bias" of a gage using a "target" or "reference" value

Calculate if a gage over or under reads across a range of different sized parts


Range Method (Short Form)
A quick approximation of overall measurement variability
Gage R&R Destructive Testing

Destructive Testing
When a measurement can't be repeated because the product is destroyed during the test.
type gage rr

Type 1 Gage R&R

1 part x 1 appraiser
x 50 measurements

attribute pass fail

Attribute Gage Worksheet
for Pass/Fail gages

Attribute Agreement Analysis
Evaluate appraisers making subjective judgments
analytic attribute method

Attribute Analytic Method
Assess the repeatability and bias of an attribute gage.

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