QI Macros Getting Started

Learn to Use the QI Macros in Less than Five Minutes

Download a QI Macros Quick Start Card

To Install QI Macros:

  1. Close Excel
  2. Double click on the setup file that you downloaded from the internet or that is on your CD.
    • PC: qimacros-30-day-trial.exe or QIMacrosSetup.exe or Right-Click and extract all from .zip files
    • MAC: QIMacrosTrial.dmg or QIMacrosSetup.dmg
  3. Answer the installation wizard prompts and then open Excel. You should see the QI Macros on your Excel menu bar. If not, see easy fix here.


QI Macros Has Four Parts


Create Charts Using the Menu

To create Control Charts, Histograms, Pareto charts, Box Whisker Plots, etc.

1. Click and drag over your data to select it.


2. Next click on the QI Macros Menu and select the chart you want, the Chart Wizard or the Control Chart Wizard.


3. Fill in the prompts for chart and axis titles.

4. QI Macros will perform the calculations & create the chart for you.


Learn more about the charts you can create using the QI Macros..

Statistical Tools

To perform statistical tests like ANOVA, regression, f-tests, t-tests, etc.

1. Click and drag over your data to select it.


2. Click on the QI Macros Menu and select the statistical test you want to perform or the Stat Wizard.


3. Answer the prompts for level of significance, etc.

4. QI Macros will perform all of the calculations and interpret the results for you.


Learn more about the statistical tests you can perform using the QI Macros.

Fill in the Blanks Templates

QI Macros contain 90+ templates which can be accessed under various sub menus. Just click on the arrow next to one of the sub menus and a complete list of templates will open.


In addition to the sub menu areas, these templates fall into the following categories:

Control Chart Templates and Chart Templates: Just open a template, input your data into the yellow shaded cells and the charts are created as you type. There are templates for control charts, histograms, box and whisker charts, etc.

DOE, Gage R&R and Other Templates to Perform Complex Calculations: Designed to make complex analysis as simple as possible. Just drop your test results into the yellow shaded areas and the templates perform all of the calculations, draw charts and help you interpret the results.

Drawing Templates: Get a head start on creating fishbones, flowcharts, value stream maps and more.

Documentation Templates: Save time on documenting steps in your improvement projects like voice of the customer, project charter, countermeasures, SIPOC, A3 report, etc.

Learn More about the Lean Six Sigma Tools and Templates in QI Macros

Data Transformation Tools

QI Macros Data Transformation Tools help you analyze your data and reorganize it to run charts.


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